Who We Are

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Our Mission

The Action Center provides an immediate and compassionate response to those in our community experiencing hardship and offers the resources and services needed to stabilize lives and promote pathways lasting change.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is that one day, all individuals and families in our community will have access to the resources, jobs and housing that they need to fulfill their greatest potential.

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Our Core Values

This value reinforces that the way we show up for, communicate with, and take interest in one another matters. Leading with love means we assume positive intent and that decisions and actions are taken with attention towards the best and kindest outcomes for all.
We cultivate compassion when we take the time and the extra step to walk in one another’s shoes, to connect to our common humanity, to respond with the care and kindness we would hope to receive ourselves.
There is no greater demonstration of respect than the act of really listening to another person. There is no greater gift we can offer than the gift of our full attention and our desire to understand.
We are committed to an attitude of curiosity, growth, open-minded thinking and tolerance. We recognize differences as healthy, even while we discover and appreciate our commonalities.
This value in many ways represents our reason for being. We work towards continual improvement as we strive to reach our greatest potential.

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